Redthought is a Journey of Right & Respectful Relations

We seek to understand ourselves with the intent to better understand each other. This is a journey of identity and how we relate to the World. Wish to take the Redthought Journey? It begins with six important questions. Get started with this short video

Within this video you will begin to gather the strength necessary for the journey.

About Us

  • Working for a sustainable future for all generations
  • Advocating on behalf of Right & Respectful Relations with Mother Earth
  • Focusing on the wellbeing of Native Nations & Peoples

Redthought is a Native Owned Company. Our Thoughts are Unique as well as our View of the World. The Strength of our Forum is the use of Integrity as Our guiding Principle. We Seek to Manifest Integrity in the Manner by which we Observe, Think, and Communicate about Our Awareness. 

  • Specializing in work surrounding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery
  • Bringing people from all walks of life together to address the greatest challenges of our time
  • Balancing today’s collective knowledge with the Life Ways and teachings of our ancestors

Now that you have established a point of reference from which you view the World. Let's take a look at reality

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Our Guiding Thoughts

The Redthought journey now looks deeper into ourselves and the world around us.

Now that you have reflected on the six questions of identity and thought about right relations and wrong relations, are you ready to see the truth?

Watch the 3 minute video below to continue your journey

We don't know what we don't know. But perhaps now that you have taken these small steps you are ready for a more in-depth journey of Right & Respectful Relations

See below where our journeys have taken us

Addressing Wrong & Disrespectful Relations

The thoughts, communications, and actions surrounding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery represent in our opinion the most significant challenges that shape and form practical reality as we know it. Within Redthought you will see various events, writings, and other contributions that highlight this reality. This includes detailed analysis of historical and present day disputes that often play out in the Federal Courts of the United States. The forensic manner by which these disputes are dissected and analyzed reveals the deceptive nature by which the Doctrine of Christian Discovery continues to justify extremely detrimental forms of reality. The outcome of this is the manifestation of wrong and disrespectful relations. 

Reality changes when you become aware of this knowledge. We acknowledge this and revisit the questions of identity to navigate our observations, thoughts, and communications about this change. It is a challenge that we believe can only be met with integrity.

Our Contributors to the Work

JoDe Goudy (Yakama)

Founder & Owner of Redthought. Former Chairman of the Yakama Tribal Council. Combined with the mentorship of Steve Newcomb and Peter d’Errico along with the guidance of his Traditional Ways of Life, has supported the work to help bring awareness to the Domination Dehumanization System.

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Steve Newcomb (Shawnee/Lenape)

Co-founder of the Indigenous Law Institute. Founder of Original Nation Advocates & Recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Doctrine of Discovery. Author of Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. Co-producer of the documentary The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code. 

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Peter d'Errico

Professor Emeritus from the University of Masasachusetts/ Amherst. Yale Law School graduate. Former attorney for the Navajo Nation. Author of Federal Anti-Indian Law. His research and teaching have focused on issues of Native & Indigenous Peoples specializing in the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. He has been active in litigating various issues on behalf of Native Peoples & Nations. 

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Our Platform & Services Include

  • Expert Historical/Legal Analysis
  • Educational Webinars
  • Courses/ Workshops
  • Dispute Resolution Analysis
  • Identity Analysis
  • Speaking Engagement
  • Facilitation Services

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Our work is designed to serve everyone who wishes for a better future. This includes Native Nations/Peoples & Organizations, Governmental Entities/Jurisdictions, Academic Institutions & Universities, Environmental Organizations, Legal Organizations, Businesses, Church & Faith Groups, and many other settings & forums. We carry the ability to provide these services virtually or in face to face settings, and remain committed to flexibility in each of the opportunities that may present themselves within our work. 

Public Speaking Previews

Redthought Webinars

Our Webinars are second to none regarding information and analysis on the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. Within our series we provide a broad spectrum of in-depth presentations that range from the Doctrines origin up to its current function within society today. 

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