Where Are We Going?
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Redthought Members, 

Thank you for participating in the, "Where Are We Going" Event. This Event is unique in the way that we are wishing each of you to engage in an exercise in "identity". We are asking these questions to help formulate context in the manner by which we are discussing the information presented. I know and understand that these are very personal questions and the intent of asking them isn't to question you in a manner by which you are being tested in a pass/fail excercise. The intent is to utilize the way by which you understand the questions and bring forth your answers as a tool to help us all better understand ourselves and one another. Your answers are yours. There is no expectation that you haft to share any of them. But the hope is perhaps you will share what you feel comfortable with regarding the way you answered these questions at the beginning of this event compared to the way that you answer them at the end of the event. 


The questions are:

Who Am I?

Where Do I Come From?

Where Am I going?

What is?

What isn't?



Please click on the lesson and it will give you an area to get the "identity" portion of the event completed. We look forward to seeing you at the gathering and hope this will be a helpful event for all who take part. Thank you. 


Mr. Goudy