McGirt v Oklahoma Pt. 1
McGirt v. Oklahoma Part One - The Domination System Veiled within a Native Supreme Court Victory
Presenters: Steven T. Newcomb, Peter d'Errico, JoDe Goudy
Recorded 8/3/2020

An on-line virtual live event entaling an in-depth analysis unveiling the system of Domination that operates within the United States Supreme Court. In this event the discussion will focus on a practical analysis of the Supreme Court decision McGirt v. Oklahoma. This will entail a summary of the dispute and the pathway that eventually led to a Native Nation victory issued by the court. When the summary and practical analysis concludes, the shifting of the presentation will then begin to forensically identify the historical and current building blocks that formulate the context of McGirt v. Oklahoma. These building blocks represent the veiled foundation of domination system. These two exercises become the focus of Part One and are absolutely necessary to prepare an individual to understand the continued agendas within Part Two and Three of this collective series.

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